The brain is the most complex organ in our body, receiving and processing information every second of our life and utilizing 20% of our body’s energy expenditure. The brain reacts to physical challenges, controls our emotional state and cognitive functions as well as being the control center for our body’s responses.

As we grow older, we start to experience a slow decline in mental and cognitive capacities that may eventually lead to memory deficits, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. With a growing population over 60 years of age, the number of people with age-related mental challenges is increasing at a rapid rate.  How can we protect our brain from possible decline? 


Among the top ingredients for brain health, antioxidants play a crucial role and there is increasing evidence that they demonstrate a multitude of brain health benefits.  Natural astaxanthin, better known as “The King of the Carotenoids”, is the World’ Strongest natural antioxidant, among 700 different carotenoids that are out there, and has proven to be in many clinical researches. 

Carotenoids are produced by plankton, algae and plants as well as a small number of bacteria and fungi.  They are part of the process of photosynthesis along with chlorophyll.  Carotenoids have the ability to interact with and neutralize “oxidants”, chemically reactive oxygen species known as singlet oxygen and free radicals.  Natural astaxanthin has the greatest ability to serve in this anti-oxidant function.

Because high oxygen consumption and elevated energy metabolism generate large amounts of free radicals and other aggressive oxygen species, the brain is particularly vulnerable to oxidative stress and damage. Mitochondria, which is the main energy generators of the brain cells, play a vital role in generating the power necessary to maintain optimal brain function.

Assuring a constant supply of energy in form of ATP, mitochondria are to blame for the large amounts of free radicals they produce as by-products. When we are young, our natural antioxidant system keeps the oxidant status of the cells in balance. But as we age, the defense weakens, aggressive oxygen species get the upper hand and our cognitive capacities start to decline. The interaction of antioxidants with brain structures protect cells from the destructive effects caused by free radicals, allows the cells to grow, protects synaptic plasticity in the brain and increases cerebral blood flow which satisfy the high oxygen demand to maintain cognitive function. Supplementation with dietary antioxidants, such as natural Astaxanthin, can help to rebalance the antioxidant status and reduce oxidative stress and damage to neural cells.


The natural antioxidant Astaxanthin, extracted from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis, deserves our attention because it is the only antioxidant capable of crossing the blood-brain-barrier where it can deliver its exceptional antioxidant capabilities and potency as a quencher of free radicals to brain cells. Although Astaxanthin is well known to enhance muscle health and physical performance, a multitude of studies are giving evidence for its brain health benefits.  Studies have shown that natural astaxanthin enhances blood flow, providing neural cells with oxygen and nutrients, offers neuroprotection and suppresses neuro-inflammatory events that can lead to cerebral haemorrhages. 


Forgetfulness and difficulties to concentrate can be the first signs of cognitive decline. Supplementing the daily diet with natural Astaxanthin can help to improve memory and enhance cognitive functioning.

Daily life very often exposes us to physical and mental stress that can affect our cognitive function and general mental wellbeing. In a study simulating daily stress by exposing healthy participants to a combination of physical (cycling) and mental (calculation) tasks revealed that individuals receiving Astaxanthin as a dietary supplement showed better results during the mental task, felt less stress, expressed higher mental clarity and focus, and evaluated their mental wellbeing significantly higher than the participants in the placebo group.



The increasing demand for Natural Astaxanthin raises questions regarding the source and quality of Astaxanthin raw materials offered in the market. Quality is paramount when it comes to Natural Astaxanthin.

Gandalf’s Natural Astaxanthin is the sole Canadian supplier of 100% vegan astaxanthin and is grown in Canada using spring water which is highly filtered to ensure its purity.  Gandalf Astaxanthin uses an entirely natural process of extraction.  Our infusion process is the cleanest, gentlest and most natural extraction method available today and does not require any high temperature drying of the algae that other extraction process might use.  Gandalf has a strong foundation in the industry with over 30 years of experience and knowledge.  Our Natural Astaxanthin is pesticide and herbicide free, GMO and solvent free and non-irradiated.  We are also Pro-Cert and USDA certified.  Our optimum protection packaging ensures the quality and freshness of our products.  Lastly but not the least, no fishy smell  

That is why Gandalf Astaxanthin stands out from the rest.

DID YOU KNOW…salmon will swim up raging rivers for up to 7 days without feeding?  According to scientists, Natural Astaxanthin has been found in the highest concentration in the muscle of the salmon which explains why they have the strength to compete this epic swim!

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