As an Olympic sprint champion, I choose my food wisely when training. I've known about Spirulina for several years, and I'm impressed by its high protein content, about 60%, as well as all the nutrients it contains. What I like about GandalfTM Spirulina is that it's a Canadian company that offers impressive quality.

Bruny Surin
Gold medallist in the 4x100 relay at the 1996 Olympic Games

I have been using Gandalf Spirulina for many years and trust the quality.  I appreciate that Gandalf tests for heavy metals and toxins so that I can recommend it with confidence.

Julie Daniluk R.H.N. |
Creating Conscious Vitality
2x #1 National Bestselling Author Becoming Sugar-Free & Hot Detox

Essentially, I consume Gandalf Spirulina in a smoothie consisting of one cup of soy milk, one third of a banana and one raw egg. I blend them in a blender at a very low speed to avoid the destruction of the ingredients by shearing. My goal is above all to maintain a strong immune system, our best argument against all diseases and disorders, big and small, in the long run.

Dr Carol Vachon, Physiology, B.Sc. Biol.
Consultant in nutrition, Quebec

Hawaiian spirulina is the King of food on this planet. To my knowledge there is nothing more nutrient dense or beneficial to consume on a regular basis. I add a heaping tsp to my protein shake every day.

Dr Cory Holly Naturopath
Champion athlete, author and health educator

Hawaiian Spirulina Protein Shake is my new favorite way to add protein and green food to my diet. I make daily smoothies with it to support my triathlon training regimen, and even my son is a fan!

Bree Brown
Kona, Hawaii

Spirulina gives me energy. When I don’t take spirulina, especially on days when I’m rushing and not eating well, I notice a difference in how I feel - at the end of the day I have no energy. I’m not a coffee person so I do feel that when I take spirulina it does give me more energy through the day and just makes me feel better about myself.

Mariane Uehara
Honolulu, Hawaii

I've known about spirulina since 1992, when I had the privilege of visiting the Hawaiian facilities, and I've been incorporating it into my menu ever since. We're lucky enough to have access to this quality micro-algae, so let's take advantage of it in powder or tablet form. I add it to my morning water with lemon or sometimes in a smoothie. Easy and nutritious, why deprive yourself?

Renée Frappier
Natural food teacher and author
Co-founder of the Association Manger Santé Bio
Organizer of the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert