Why choose gandalf spirulina?

The Gandalf brand has been around for 35 years, and we are known for our high standards and premium quality products. The quality and freshness of our spirulina is maintained by our specialized packaging system that blocks oxygen and light, as beta-carotene is very sensitive to air and light, and spirulina oxidizes easily. Our premium quality spirulina is very dark green, due to its high content of phycocyanin and other nutrients, not light green, and it is also almost odorless. Our optimal protective packaging, from which residual air can be removed, preserves the integrity of the product.

An oxygen-free environment of less than 1% is used in the drying process to ensure the integrity and high quality of Gandalf Spirulina.

Gandalf Spirulina is approved by Health Canada and registered with a NPN (Natural Product Number).

Algae accumulate heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and cadmium when their growing environment is polluted or poorly controlled. Our cultivation process is rigorously controlled, resulting in a pure, fresh, clean and tasty superfood.